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ProThermal Inc. is a full service heat transfer solutions provider. We supply equipment solutions ranging from all types of process heat exchangers to cooling towers, chiller packages and closed loop cooling systems. We also handle process equipment including vacuum pumps and separation equipment. In addition, ProThermal can provide support for your heat transfer equipment, including performance evaluation, repair, routine service, maintenance contracts and other services on an ongoing basis.

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Alfa Laval Inc. (
A premier supplier of heat transfer products worldwide including specialty plate designs for evaporation and condensing.
Apex Engineered Products (
Specializing in high alloy and reactive metal heat exchanger construction.
Thermal Transfer Inc. (
-Standard heat exchangers for oil/water and process utility services
-Standard air cooled heat exchangers for oil and lube cooling
Ace Inc. (
Air cooled heat exchangers
Hairpin, Double pipe, fin tube and tank heat exchangers R.W. Holland Inc. (
For applications in the petroleum, gas, petrochemical, chemical and power industries. High Temperature as to gas heat exchangers
Pick Heaters Inc. (
Accurate process heating using controlled steam injection Pick Custom Design Custom design heat transfer systems using direct or indirect heating
CCS-Composite Cooling Solutions Inc. (
Field erected composite cooling towers
Smart Family of Cooling Products. (
A manufacturer of industrial chillers, rental ready cooling equipment, and process cooling systems. Specializes in the design and manufacturing of process cooling equipment and chilled water systems.
Combined Refrigeration Inc. (
Providing engineering support and design for process chillers to be used in demanding applications throughout the process industry
Edwards Vacuum Inc. (
A premier manufacturer of vacuum pumps supplying primarily dry vacuum pump solutions of multiple design for process industries.
Alfa Laval (
Premier supplier of decanter centrifugers and high speed disc stack seperators

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